Wolves Take on The Goomba from Super Mario Brothers The Movie, the Charlotte Bobcats Tonight

Tonight the Wolves can snap their 14 game losing streak against the Bobcats, who are easily having their best season in franchise history. Neat.

Charlotte made a risky trade for The Goomba from Super Mario Brothers The Movie last fall that has surprisingly paid off quite well. The Bobcats appear to be playoff contenders for the next couple of years at least, but the team’s best players are approaching the inevitable decline.

With that said, the Goomba/Radmanovic trade begs the following question: is building for the long term a better approach, or is the Boston/Charlotte approach a better choice  given the economy and need for immediate fan interest/$$$? While I wrote a long manifest on why i think knee-jerk trades for mediocre players are a terrible idea here, wouldn’t it be outstanding to have a team like the Bobcats right now? A playoff race during March Madness and the dawn of the new Twin’s Ballpark, coupled with the conclusion of what seemed to be the worst winter I can remember (since last year at least)? Could it have been any better?!

 The Wolves have positioned themselves to add some nice pieces, but until Kahn actually maximizes any of his assets other than Jason Hart’s non-guaranteed contract, I won’t hold my breath. Think back to the 1996-1997 season when the Wolves made their first run. That was indescribable, even though I was in the 6th or 7th grade at the time and was struggling with long division and fractions. There was nothing like it. Can we wait 2-3 more years? We most likely will have to, but still.

Our team has “progressed” into a bombsquad that has won a single game since February 6th. And this is, as Kahn would put it, the “premier organization for player development?” Really? This is the team that we have developed into this season? Flynn seems to have gotten worse during his much heralded rookie season, Love seems to have quit on the team. Al just needs another summer of rehab. 1 game since 2 weeks prior to the acquisition of Darko? Is anyone on this team worth keeping, seriously?

As Mike, the Wolves emcee, actually said on The Target Center loudspeaker on Monday vs. Sloth from Goonies and the Raptors, “here’s hoping for a good offseason.”

I want the Wolves to take this one tonight, but keep in mind we want Charlotte in the playoffs since we own their draft pick this offseason. A tough call I guess.

PG – Felton vs. Flynn

SG – Brewer vs. The Goomba from Super Mario Brothers The Movie

SF – Gomes vs. Gerald “I Ruined the Dunk Contest” Wallace

PF – Jack Daniels Jefferson vs. Boris Diaw

C – Darko vs. Theo “The Kraken” Ratliff


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