Wolves Waive Thomas and Hart

Well we waived the talented duo of John Thomas and Jason Hart today, ending our collective, irrational fantasies of a late career resurgence for the former Gopher and ‘Cuse grads. I was a little surprised Ager didn’t go first, but then was reminded of an interesting rule that makes training camp contracts fully guaranteed for the season if players are injured after a certain date. Not 100% sure of the rule and am far too lazy to look it up so if anyone would like to provide clarification please do post in a comment. Candy will be provided.

I would guess this is why Ager has not been waived yet. give him another week to recover from whatever is ailing him and he will be out the door as well. It seems Thomas may have recovered from his injury and was rightfully waived, and his dealio is now off the books. However, I am reminded of Sean May being waived by the Nets recently due to injury, which makes me think this rule may not be the same as I have outlined.

** for those curious, I Google imaged “John Thomas” and the photo above was amongst the top 4 pictures that came up. None of the remaining were of the player. This probably has absolutely nothing to do with him having what could be one of the most common names in our country. For kicks I googled my own name. Google then gave me the singular option of selecting “Mike Reynolds Earthship” which I didn’t do. The following photos were available for viewing after I bypassed that option. Sadly, neither are of me:





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