Wolves Win! Bucks Stink! We Can Still Go 81-1



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Win win!!!!!  Overall the game was pretty crap and extremely sloppy.  And waaaaaay too many fouls called (56!)  But we won!  Hot diggity damn!  No fear Wolves fans, we can still go 81-1 en route to championship glory!  (Editors note: cut CW off.)

The Bucks looked like garbage with Bogut out a lot of the game due to foul trouble.  They didn’t do much better when he was in, but Bogut is pretty studly.  And Maggette did play well.  Great win for us against a playoff team.

The shooting by both teams was, for lack of better terms, simply atrocious.  The Bucks at 35% and the Wolves at 37%.  The Bucks went 3 of 20 from downtown.  Wow.  That’s just fail.  Wolves weren’t much better, but at least we hit 6 of 22.  That’s like almost twice as good a percentage.  Or something.  The Wolves blocked 11 shots (!) because we are goddamn awesome, especially Darko (huge stud.)

Blah blah blah advanced stats blah blah blah who cares blah blah blah Wolves win.

Well, Darko didn’t do crap on offense because he doesn’t have a post move to save his life, but I love what he did otherwise.  He was blocking shots, rebounding, and taking up space.  You gotta love that.  I know I did.

Beasley was great dropping 21 and 10.  It’s almost like he listened to us and stopped pussy-footing it out there.  If he plays like that the rest of the season he’ll get as many minutes as he can handle and we’ll win games.  Thanks Miami.  (You know you could have kept him instead of signing Skinny Miller for that ridonkulous deal, right?  Can’t stop laughing.)

Love dropped 17 and 16, but didn’t do much else.  He shot a terrible 3 of 13 and had a shots blocked (will be a reoccuring theme the rest of his career.)  And he can’t really play much defense.  His rebounding was clutch though and he should be in at the end of games.

Is it just me or did it seem like Love and Tolliver kicked ass together?  I was happy in the pants seeing them out there at the same time.  Someone check PopcornMachine.net tomorrow and get back to me on this.  Please?

Speaking of Tolliver… he’s our best FA signing in years.  YEARS.  Damn, I love me some Tolliver!  He’s so versatile and awesome and sexy.  I just want to (edited) with him. 

Luke Ridnour is… like, good.  Damn, he looked great again tonight.  Last year he was an aberration statistically… or perhaps that was just the start of him being an awesome white dude that no one expects to pimp it?  I dunno, but I love him so far.  God I hope Flynn doesn’t come in and dribble the crap out of the ball the minute he’s healthy.  Flynn definitely needs to be the backup from what I’ve seen of him last year, and Ridnour these two games.

Wayne Ellington was non-descript, but decent enough I suppose.

Telfair looked good when I was watching, but the boxscore says he sucked gigantic diseased donkey wang, shooting 1 of 5 in 15 minutes, with 0 assists and 1 turnover.  That’s not gonna cut it. I think Tar Var Jackson could run the offense better than that.

Brewer was 3 of 12, which sucked, but he had a sweet alley-oop dunk at the end.  Ohandbytheway, the Wolves already have more alley-oops this year than they did all of last year.  Combined.

Wesley Johnson turned me on again.  He looked AWESOME and played 27 minutes, which means good things for his hammy injury and the 20 minute per game limit he was supposedly on. We need more of him.  I say start him at SG with Super Cool Beas at SF, and then bring Martell Webster off the bench (when healthy, obviously), as the super sixth man and just let him bomb away with the other backups.  I should be the Coach of the TWolves that strategy is so goddamn ingenious.

Big Pecker didn’t do much because he had 4 fouls in only 7 minutes.  I don’t care though, he’s a stud.  And he’ll eat your babies for breakfast.  He, Beasley, and Wes are my new favorite TWolves.

Kosta Koufos the Doofus played well enough in 9 minutes.  Nothing to complain about from him.

Great win.  We can still go 81-1 this season.

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