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So the other day I asked our TWB Forum Members to come up with their “Future TWolves Roster Dream Scenario.” (You can check out the massive thread in its entirety by clicking that link.) I tried to make mine pretty realistic and legitimate as possible, because there’s nothing more pointless than reading about ridiculous trade scenarios that will never, ever, ever, ever, happen.  And with a team like the TWolves, you see that stuff a lot.  Waaaay too much, actually.  With that said, our awesome forum members came up with some pretty amazing scenarios.  I, for one, would love many/any of them to happen.  Before I post my personal scenario and all the others, notice that I didn’t even touch free agency, because god knows what will happen with that, and it really just complicates things beyond belief.  I stuck with the assets the Wolves have, and think this would be a pretty sweet roster down the line.


– Keep Rubio.

– Draft Evan Turner with our pick this year (fingers crossed.)

– Trade Al to the Pistons for #4 pick, Jerebko, and Tayshaun Prince. Draft Cousins or Favors, whomever is available. We’d have Prince for only one season since he’s an expiring contract and getting somewhat old. Maybe we have to give up a little more than Al, tough to say. We could give them Flynn or Sessions or Ellington? and Cap Relief? and our second round pick this year? I think this could be worked out somehow…

– Resign Darko if not too expensive.

– Draft Xavier Henry, Udoh, or Whiteside with the Charlotte pick. For argument sake, let’s say we resign Darko and draft Henry.

– Probably going to need to trade the Utah pick for some of this stuff to happen.

– We need to get Rudy Fernandez somehow for when Rubio comes. I am not opposed to trading any of Flynn, Brewer, Gomes, and/or Pekovic. Gomes needs to be freed anyways. I would like Batum, but I doubt Portland gives us them both. I don’t really know how to do this or what they would expect, but let’s say we can give Gomes or Brewer and our Utah pick this year? Hard to tell. But we need Rudy. We could give them a little cap relief too…

– It would be nice to trade Flynn for something of value, but who knows if that will be possible, or what we could ever get for him.

Next season’s roster:

PG: Flynn/Sessions/Turner
SG: Evan Turner/Xavier Henry/Ellington
SF: Tay Prince/Rudy Fernandez/(Brewer OR Gomes or maybe neither if both traded.)
PF: Love/Jerebko
C: Darko/(Cousins OR Favors)

In two years this gives us a core roster of:

PG: Rubio/Sessions/Flynn (trade?)
SG: Evan Turner/Xavier Henry/Ellington
SF: Stud Free Agent SF?/Rudy Fernandez/Xavier Henry?/Lesser Free Agent?
PF: Love/Jerebko/Pekovic
C: Darko/(Cousins OR Favors)/Pekovic


– The one point where I would then focus on a nice free agent is at SF. We could sign a STUD and have Rudy play backup, or sign a reasonably priced backup behind Rudy.

– Hopefully by this point we trade Flynn for something, or he develops into a Ben Gordon type off the bench. Who knows…

– Look how many white guys I’d have on our team in 2 years.  There’s no way we can’t win multiple championships!

So, do you readers think our ideas will lead to this:

or hopefully this:


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User “TheBigTicket” came up with this:

Now for my notes:

– I agree that we should keep Rubio

– Draft Turner!!!

– Use Bobcats pick and Utah pick to move up in the lottery. As of today’s standings that would be 16th and 25th. If those 3 could be packaged for something around 10th that would be great. Then use it to get a guy like Greg Monroe or even Aldrich if he falls. It isn’t necessary to trade them, we could use both to get even more talent.

– Definitely bring Pekovic over – he has some skills.

– Resign Darko if not too expensive. I really hope we can sign him, he’s playing some good D.

– Trade Al/Love. At this point I’m not sold on trading Al. Even though Love fits the triangle better, he’s had bad games after the All-Star break. Al has gotten better after the Jack Daniels stuff and has reminded me of his last season play. Plus he showed he can play D if he wants to when we played the Kings. Still, one of them NEEDS to be traded.

– One trade that I came up with was Big Alco for JR Smith and Birdman Andersen. Then JR Smith to the Blazers for Rudy and a contract so the salaries match. I don’t know if it is realistic but there’s definitely pros for Denver – they upgrade at PF/C and lose JR who caused problems in the team.

So at that point we will have this roster next season:

PG: Flynn/Sessions
SG: Turner/Ellington
SF: Rudy/Gomes/Brewer
PF: Love/Monroe/Pekovic
C: Darko/Andersen

That’s nice, ain’t it And next season, trade a package of Flynn and Gomes for someone that plays both SF and SG. Get Rubio over and here ya go:

PG: Rubio/Sessions
SG: Turner/Ellington/player from Flynn+Gomes trade
SF: Rudy/Brewer/player from Flynn+Gomes trade
PF: Love/Monroe/Pekovic
C: Darko/Andersen

4 white big men = CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

Here’s what “Flash” would do…

My dream scenario:

– Trade Rubio for a top five pick in this years draft and get Favors

– Draft Evan Turner with our pick this year

– Sign Joe Johnson

– Dont resign Darko

– Use the Charlotte and Utah pick to move up and get Henry

– Bring Pekovic

Next season’s roster:

PG: Flynn/Sessions/Turner
SG: Evan Turner/Joe Johnson/Ellington
SF: Joe Johnson/Brewer/Xavier Henry
PF: Big Al/Love
C: Favors/Pekovic

I Love love love love LOVE fellow TWB contributor “Roundhouse’s” idea:

Since we’re slotted into the #2 pick, take Evan Turner. I’d rather have Wall, but I’ll just leave that alone as I think the only teams that would trade out of the top pick for anything less than a king’s ransom are the Hornets and the Bulls.

1. I had several other ideas for my main trade, one that was a 3-way trade between us, Philly, and Detroit that netted us Iguodala, but went with this one because it gave us the best, most balanced team. The other trade was very realistic, I have no idea about this one so let me know.


Granger – 4 years $11.2 million
Foster – 1 yr $6.7 mil


Al – 3 yrs $13 mil
Flynn – 1 yr+2TO $3.2 mil
Hollins – 1 yr+PO $2.3 mil

I think this works for both teams. We get a numero uno scorer in Granger and the Pacers get a dominant low post scorer and a young PG that they desperately need. We get out of Hollins contract as well. I’m assuming if this happened, the Pacers would then trade Troy Murphy to a contender for young players/picks.

2. Then do this trade:


Morris Peterson – 1 yr $6.2 mil
future 1st round pick


Gomes – 2 yrs+PO $4.3 mil
rights to Pekovic

Let the Hornets deal with the hassle of trying to coax Pekovic to come over from Europe. They can either start Gomes at SF where they are really weak, or cut him for instant cap relief (his contract is only partially guaranteed)

3. With all that done, next I would trade Wayne Ellington to the 76ers (they need a 3-pt shooter and he’s from Philly) for a future 1st round pick with heavy protection.

4. Re-sign Darko

5. Draft Hassan Whiteside with the Charlotte pick (or Udoh if he’s not available) and Paul George with the Utah pick.

6. Next Year’s Lineup

PG: Sessions, Turner
SG: Turner, Brewer
SF: Granger, George
PF: Love, Granger
C: Darko, Whiteside

Others: Peterson, Foster, Jawai (re-sign to minimum deal)

I don’t know about you, that that lineup is pretty frickin sweet. Sessions job is to distribute to Turner & Granger. Granger and Turner score and make things happen. Love is there to clean the glass and get hussle points and the occasional 3-pointer. Darko is our defensive anchor and bully other teams’ post players when we have the size advantage. Whiteside & George are both relatively high-risk, high-reward players. If they don’t reach their potential, is doesn’t devastate our team. And if they do, we make a good team into a very, very good team.

Also of note, between Peterson & Foster we’d have $13 million in expiring contracts.

7. As you guys stated, then after next season, Rubio comes over. We swing a trade of some sort with the Blazers to get Rudy F. We’d either have to let Brewer walk in free agency if he no longer fits our plans, sign & trade him, or trade George to fit Rudy into our rotation. I’ll just assume that Brewer walks.

Also of note, with the above team we would most likely be handing our draft pick over to the Clippers (finally ), but due to the trades I made, we’d have both future picks from the Hornets & 76ers. So factor that in as well.


PG: Rubio, Sessions
SG: Turner, Fernandez
SF: Granger, George, (Fernandez/Turner)
PF: Love, Granger
C: Darko, Whiteside


Yes all this happening is extremely unlikely, but the title of the thread is “Dream Scenario” and I think that I laid out realistic trades to get to this point.

“Pants” is a smart guy, and this does turn me on as well:

If the Wolves end up #1 I think it is going to be a tougher call than I did even last week. Wall is certainly a better NBA prospect but I don’t know if I believe Wall + Draft pick for Rubio > Rubio + Turner.

If you take Turner and count on Rubio coming that means (as CW stated above) that you now know SF is where you overspend to get a guy to MN. I’d consider Rudy Gay in this situation. A backcourt rotation of Rubio/Turner/Gay/Brewer would be hellish on defense if they got their minds around it.

At the deadline trade Al+Flynn to Portland for Rudy+Oden. You buy Rudy a condo two blocks from Target Center. Between arriving in Februrary, the Skyway and road trips Rudy shouldn’t get more than a sniff of a Minnesota winter.



Fellow TWB Contributor and my boy “BonK” got a little lazy, but this ain’t turrrrible:

– Draft Turner

– Keep Rubio

– Bring over Pekovic

– Let Darko go or sign him for cheap

– Trade either Flynn or Sessions

– Trade Al

– Sign good free agent

– Use our other draft picks wisely, and play better next year, but still get a top 10 pick next year.

Then in 2 years we will look good.

PG – Rubio
SG – Turner
SF – Stud F.A./Guy we got in Al or PG trade
PF – Love
C – Stud Draftee/F.A./Guy we got in Al or PG trade

Then we will still have Brewer, Peck, Ellington, and Flynn or Sessions off the bench, plus other studlier draft picks from this year and next, plus a FA, plus something decent we got in our trades involving Al & a PG…

We love our friend “Mad_Dog04” in the forums:
let love go
get rid of flynn
sign darko

im still not buying into Rubio, ive said it before n ill say it again, the way someone plays over seas does not equate to playing ball here…

“Minnesota Polars” is definitely swinging for the stars here:

– Timberwolves move up in the draft getting the #1 pick for this year and draft John Wall.

– Trade Ricky Rubio’s rights and the Utah Jazz pick to whoever has the #2 pick preferably the Nets because they would do the trade and draft Evan Turner.

– Trade Ramon Sessions and Al Jefferson to the Philadelphia 76ers for Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young.

– Trade our first round pick from Charlotte and Ryan Gomes to Chicago Bulls for Joakim Noah.

– Let Darko Walk, Cut Ryan Hollins

– Draft De’Sean Butler (Man Crush) in the 2nd round and get 1st round talent who will not be playing next year due to ACL Injury and we can afford to let him sit out a year.

– Thus without doing much believe our cap space would be around 6-8 million after signing Wall and Turner plus other draft picks.

– Use the rest of salary cap on signing a Forward or Center. Couldn’t figure anyone out for this. Suggestions?

Thus our roster next year consists of

PG – John Wall / Jonny Flynn
SG – Evan Turner / Corey Brewer / Wayne Ellington
SF – Andre Iguodala / De’Sean Butler
PF – Kevin Love / Thaddeus Young
C – Joakim Noah / Nikola Pekovic

Good solid team and would be able to compete for playoffs next year.

But “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” might just have the best idea of them all:

Starting Lineup:

PG: Ricky Rubio / Jose Calderon
SG: Rudy Fernandez / Juan Carlos Navarro / Sergio Llul
SF: Luis Scola / Rudy Fernandez / Pau Gasol
PF: Pau Gasol / Victor Claver / Marc Gasol
C: Tiago Splitter / Marc Gasol

And since we need people on the bench:

G/F: Marko Jaric ( just so we get to see Adriana Lima…OWW! )
G/F: Wally Szczerbiak ( Vanilla Sky returns in a Wolves uniform )

These two guys won’t see much playing time but they do add some “height” to our short but lightning quick back-court. Can you imagine our back-court running in circles around Shaq or Yao Ming?

And we need a veteran, male cheerleader-locker room guys and their sidekick-in-training:

F/C: Mark Madsen
F: Brian Cardinal
F: Luke Harangody ( or Tyler Hansbrough via trade )

This is an athletic team that can run, rebound, score, defend, etc. with the best of them. Championship RUNS for years to come! We’ll be known as LOS LOBOS FUERTE in Espana, Mexico, etc… and can live up to the motto: RUN WITH THE PACK.

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