2 Consecutive Road Victories = Baby Steps

The Wolves took down the Rockets last night 112 – 108 in Houston.  Check out the TWB Forum Game Thread for more thoughts, analysis, and discussion from tons of fellow Wolves fans.  In case you didn’t see it, a great win; we really needed that tonight.  Defeating the #4 defensive ranked Hornets and then the revived Rockets teams on the road is solid, no matter how you look at it.  Especially for a team that struggles as badly as we do away from Target Center.  Can the Puppies make it 3 consecutive road wins (for the first time in… I dunno, forever?) Friday night at Indiana?

We finally again won two consecutive road games for the first time since April of 2009. Someone mentioned this fact to me, of which I was already well aware.  They then go on with “Ha, only since 2009?  I would have thought it was longer ago than that!”  Gotta love the casual baskball fan.

The Wolves looked great, winning a tough game at the end without 4 of our top 5 leading scorers. Can you imagine if the Rockets didn’t have Scola, Lowry, Brooks, and whomever else? Battier?  Regardless, the point is that I am pretty sure the Rockets would get destroyed if their only top 5 scorer for a given game was Kevin Martin.

Our bench has really stepped up HUGE the past two games. It sucks Rhombus keeps playing EVERYONE THAT IS ACTIVE, but we’ve won two in a row nonetheless. Still, it’s a horrible coaching strategy. It was a bit “more necessary” tonight though because of all the injuries.

Pekovic played well I thought. Had some nice post moves and rebounds.  He’s a beast down low for sure.  I can’t wait until he figures out the speed of the NBA game, and all the rules/nuances and whatnot.  If he doesn’t ever figure this stuff out, we’ll just combine him with Kosta to make Nikosta Pekofos, the ideal foreign NBA backup Center.

Tolliver, Telfair, and Ellington were all great off the bench and instrumental to the win. Nice to see Ellington playing well. I never thought he’d amount to much, but he seems servicable. Tolliver had 10 big boards and played well all around.  For what we are paying him (basically chicken scratch), he’s a great signing.  He has been superb lately and needs more burn.  I think everyone already knows my feelings on Telfair vs Flynn.

Not sure that Webster acquisition was the greatest, because will he ever truly get a chance to shine on a team like ours, where Rhombus plays 12 guys almost every game? Actually, is Webster even that good? I’m not sure we even know yet, but he has shown flashes.

Flynn had 15 points, but don’t be decieved.  I suppose he played better than he has earlier this season, but that still equates to Less-Than-Average-At-Best.  Of course a starting PG playing 30+ minutes per game is going to score some points. He also had 7 assists and 5 more turnovers. He is a turnover machine. Sadly, he’s our PG doing this turnover-ing. Please trade him and play Telfair and Ridnour the rest of the season.

I’m not a fan of the plus/minus statistic on a per game basis AT ALL, but once again, Telfair > Flynn.  Check out the past 5 games: 

Flynn Telfair
2/8 at Houston – Win -1 +5
2/7 at New Orleans – Win -3 +15
2/5 vs Denver – Loss -14 +1
2/4 at Toronto – Loss -14 +3

2/2 vs Memphis – Loss

-5 -13


In the previous 23 games, Telfair only played in 3 of them: 6, 15, and 3 minutes.  In those games, the Wolves went 2-1.  In the other 20 games that Telfair did not play a single second, the Wolves went 3-17.
Hopefully Flynn starting and playing huge minutes means he’ll be traded soon.  I think it’s pretty obvious that Rhombus doesn’t like Flynn either, nor the fact that he is forced to play him so much.

Love was sick last night, and as you could tell if you were watching the game, he did not chase down rebounds with his usual aplomb.  He had a great fourth quarter though, hitting some threes and had 10 or 11 points?  Maybe more.  But if I remember correctly, he had something like 9 points and 11 boards at one point in the 4th, and finished with 20 and 14.  He also set the franchise record for 38 consecutive double-doubles and counting.  So big congrats to him for that.  I think it’s a pretty arbitrary stat to keep track of, but it’s recognized around the league and by media members, so no discounting him setting the record for the longest DD streak in the past quarter century.  How long can it continue?  Through the rest of the season? Ha?

Regarding the Rockets, Luis Scola is really, really, really good. I can’t believe the Spurs GAVE HIM AWAY FOR NOTHING!?! That’s probably the biggest mistake that franchise has ever made. I truly believe they’d have at least 1 more title if they would have keep Scola. Heck, maybe even more. Scola would have prolonged Duncan’s career, and he + Duncan would be nearly unstoppable. It’s like having a big men version of LeBron and D-Wade together.

From the oh-my-dear-lord-department: Since December 1st, 2010 Wesley Johnson has 23 free throw ATTEMPTS. Total. In almost 40 games. That is beyond discouraging.  Please tell me this is going to change?  He’s got the skills to be a slasher, but is it Rhombus that makes him camp out at the three point line all game long and hoisting jumpers?  I’m no genius, but that’s not what I had in mind when the Wolves drafted him.  If this doesn’t change at some point relatively soon, then give me Cousins over a high lottery pick jump shooter.

We had 15 turnovers and 21 fouls to only 7 and 17 for the Rockets. However, we shot 51% from the field, and 8 of 18 from three; compared to only 45% and 7 of 28 (!) for the Rockets. A great win.


Friday night the Wolves go for three consecutive road games, against the Indiana Pacers.  Let’s do it.  Game Thread can be found HERE

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