K-Lav’s Streak Goes Down…



You may be wondering about the “K-Lav” nickname, but as you can clearly see in the picture above, that’s how he’s referred to over in Sarajevo, Bosnia.  Yeah, you heard me right.  Our very valued TWB Forum poster “Flash” posted the above picture from his local newspaper in the forums, which shows how much of a global icon K-Lav has become.  (Although, apparently his name “Love” is too confusing or weird to print in it’s entirety.)  Obviously the article is in reference to Lav breaking the “modern record” for double-doubles, when he notched his 52nd straigth DD last week.  Thanks Flash, and thank you Sarajevo, Bosnia for the new K-Lav nickname!

On a sadder/more pathetic/disgusting note, the Wolves somehow fell to the Golden State Warriors tonight, 100 – 77.  You can check out game discussion here in the TWB Forum Game Thread, if you want to torture yourself.  Although, I will add that there are a ton of very “useful” posts.  Check it out and you might learn a thing or two (or ten.)  And stick around and join us in the discussion if you don’t already.

Of all the teams in the NBA, I don’t think any of us Wolves fans would have ever guessed that “the streak” would have ended against the Warriors. I mean, they are the worst rebounding team in the NBA, and the second worst defensive team in the NBA (if you go by points allowed per game, which the TWolves are #30. Ugh.)  Hell, when we beat the Warriors at Target Center two weeks ago, K-Lav dropped 37 points and 23 rebounds against them.  I thought the Warriors would be happy to hold him to less than one of his patented “Optometrist Games”, and yet he can’t even go for 10/10.  What happened there tonight in Sacramento?

Even worse than the ballyhooed streak ending, the Wolves only scored 77 points against the Warriors! Again… How does that happen?  The Wolves beat them by scoring 126 points just two short 2 weeks ago. I guess shooting 37% from the field with TWENTY-SIX turnovers doesn’t help the cause. And we missed 12 free-throws and had 9 shots blocked on top of that putridness.

Stephen Curry should would look good on our squad.  And Jonny Flynn not on our squad sure would look great as well.

It was pretty sad listening to Wolves announcer Jim Peterson complaining and making up excuses for K-Lav not continuing his streak, for the entire 4th quarter of the game tonight. I really thought he was going to start crying on the air.  I guess the Warriors deserve a little credit for playing Lav very tough on defense tonight, but he was (admittedly) hacked to crap a few times.  The officials certainly didn’t help the cause.  Our next game is Wednesday night at Utah.  Will K-Lav start a new DD streak?  Or will he start a nefarious two game non-DD streak?  I guess that’s as good a reason as any to tune in.

Beasley is regressing horribly, and Darko is poop. Puke Ridnour is a career backup playing too many minutes as our starter (because Flynn is so atrocious), and Wesley Johnson is a very highly drafted spot-up jump-shooter.  I think we should make Anthony Randolph our point-foward backup PG, but that’s another story for another day.  We basically have a team of backups. It’s gonna be tough to win games with what we’ve got, which makes the past two blowout wins all that much more surprising.  I guess maybe give Kahn one last off-season to do SOMETHING, but after that, seriously just fire everyone except Ronzone if drastic improvements are not being shown.  We’re basically the same crappy team we had last year, despite a complete roster overhaul and a squad that was supposed to “start contending for the playoffs” according to fearless GM Mr. Kahn.

Coming off those two great blowouts, and losing by 23 to an average-at-best Warriors team, makes this probably the worst loss of the entire season.

How are the TWolves going to market this team the rest of the season without K-Lav’s streak? There are pretty much no reasons for non-diehard fans to have a reason to go out and buy tickets. At least, not buy tickets at face value. I almost feel bad for the scalpers, considering how cheap you can get tickets from them. I’m not trying to be overly cynical here, but the Wolves PR have been pushing this streak like crazy to sell tickets the past month.

I don’t think it’s a question of “if” Kahn fires Rhombus, but more like “when” he fires him. And then hopefully Kahn is gone shortly thereafter as well.  Good riddance.

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