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TWolves fall to the Dallas Mavericks 105 – 108


Well, we choked away another potential win. I don’t really have the heart to say anything about this, as all these losses are the same. And apparently no one else does either. I don’t blame you guys.

Once again, KLove drops 23 and 17, which is great and all. But we lost. Again.

Luke Ridnour = the Opposite of Clutch.  As TWB Forum member “9Deuce” said in the game thread:

Yep..and our excellent coaching staff keeps giving him the ball at the end games and keep letting him do what he does which are pretty basic, the usual getting the ball taken away, not passing to open guys, driving down the lane to lose the ball or get it block, and forcing shots. Do they think he will get better?

I blame on this on Flynn…who sucks even more than Ridinour that Ridinour have to play at the end of games over him. If he was just sightly good we wouldn’t have to see this mess called Luke Ridinour throw away games. Last year Brandon Jennings played in crunch time and he was a rookie.

I think Anthony Randolph should be our new point-forward. I’m serious here. His handles are insane for a seven footer!  Please see our possession with 20 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, and tell me otherwise.  Randolph dribbles baseline with some nifty moves and kicks it out to Flynn for a wide-open three. It was pretty sweet. If only for entertainment purposes, I’d take Randolph over Flynn as our backup PG.

Beasley… decent other than his not great shooting, and turnovers.

Darko… ehhhh.

Wes… bad.

Ridnour… terrible.

Our bench (for the most part)… terrible.

Sorry for the negativity Wolves faithful. But we are just a bad team, folks.

However, I guess I can say that our turnovers, FG%, 3’s made, rebounding, blocks, and fouls was all nearly identical to the Mavs tonight. In that regard, against an elite team, that’s another moral victory to notch on our collective belts. The Mavs did make 4 more free-throws than us (with 4 less attempts but 8 less misses), which was the difference in a 3 point game.

Maybe next time.  We take on the Pacers Wednesday night at Target Center. Indiana is (surprisingly?) the 8th seed in the East right now.

If you are so inclined, come chat with us about the game in the TWolves Blog Forums.  You can find the game thread HERE.

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