NBA Official Kenny Mauer Goes Crazy, 5 Technicals in 10 Seconds

For those of you that may have missed it, here is the drama from last night where official Kenny Mauer T's us up 5 times in 10 seconds, including two players at the same time.  Brewer, Darko, Love, and Rambis (ejected) where the victims. Talk about not being a T-Wolves homer.

Extra credit to Coach Darrell Rhombus at the 1:18 mark.  The obscenity was enjoyable.



And here's a "funny" quote from Mr. Mauer last week in SLAM magazine:

That’s a sentiment echoed by many of Olesiak’s peers. Ken Mauer, who’s entering his 25th season as an NBA referee, says finding resolution to a confrontation before it reaches the ‘technical’ stage is paramount. "If it’s something where I can say to the player before he overreacts, ‘Talk to me, c’mon, talk to me,’ now we’re talking," Mauer says at the NBA referees’ annual meeting in Jersey City, NJ, in mid-September. "I avoid an overreaction; therefore, it didn’t escalate."


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