New Ricky Rubio Interview + Status Update

I was just approached about a new Rubio Interview by  Check it out on their site HERE, or read below for the English translation and video as well:


(What happens with Ricky?)

Rubio: “These are stages of a player. Everything doesn’t have to be always perfect; not everything has to come first, otherwise everything would be easy. There are always bad patches; times when you don’t play so well; times when you’re happier and you have to take advantage of these happier times, and learn a lot of the bad patches that a player goes through during his stages. It’s all stages”.

(Advice from his coaches, teammates, and his camp)

Rubio: “They see me training every day and there’s nothing special. I keep training well and hard, and when this happens, nothing happens. These are stages and I´ll go through it”.

(NBA future)

Rubio: “I don’t want to think until the end of the season. I can tell you that lockout is important because I don’t feel like to be three or four months without playing. I want to compete from the first day and it’s something to keep in mind from the day 1. Until the end of the season I don’t want talk about anything”.

(If you finally go to the NBA, has Minnesota convinced you to play with them, as David Khan said, or would you rather play for another team?)

Rubio: “Minnesota has shown me all their love and support. And when a team shows you all that you’re grateful and you have good words for them. There’s nothing bad I can say about Minnesota. They have supported me from the first time I said I could stay here and I’m very happy with that”.

“That fact they have a sports project to aspire to win is what I want. You can go to a team where you have granted minutes but not a project to add victories. A player, especially in Europe, where you’re not so used to play so many games and where defeats doesn’t have so much influence… It’s difficult to go to a league with so many games and to a team with a lot of defeats and where nobody cares”.

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Lastly, just let me say, I’m so sick of all this nonsense coming out and being spun by the media.  We get it, you don’t want Rubio “forced” into playing and being stuck with Minnesota.  But please, just please please please, stop with all these bogus rumors and speculation.  It’s beyond tiring. 

You can read the rundown from the New York Times here at Pro Basketball Talk.  Ohhhh… the “Senior member of Rubio’s camp” doesn’t want him in Minnesota.  Who’s that?  His uncle in-law?  His great aunt twice removed?  Pfffffff.  Give me a break.

Even worse, the front page of simply says this, below a link to their story:

“A member of Ricky Rubio’s camp says the family wants to play for a team like Boston, Miami or New York.”

Oh lord, where will this nonsense end?   No shoddy reporting there.


And as I said in the Ricky Rubio Watch in the TWolves Blog Forums, no matter what eventually happens with Rubio, that was a GREAT value pick for the Wolves at #5 in the draft. People had talked about him going in the Top 2 for two years before that draft (which was only screwed up because of his insane buyout in his contract.)

You can’t blame Kahn for putting his eggs with Rubio and having more faith in him than Flynn. And I don’t blame Kahn for that at all.

The gigantic mistake in that draft was taking Flynn instead of Curry, or even a handful of other guys.  Obviously the Wolves front office didn’t expect for Rubio to fall to them at #5, and they apparently had zero contingency plans when it did.  Still, having been rumored to acquire him in the draft for month(s) beforehand, how could the team NOT plan for what to do with the #6 pick if they somehow got Rubio?  Epic Fail.

The rest of the draft was mis-managed and mis-evaluated by the Wolves staff. It’s the story of our lives as TWolves fans, I guess. Huge blame to the entire Front Office for that.

I mean, you just can’t understate how badly we really effed up that draft.  Along with Rubio, we could have had Brandon Jennings, Stephen Curry, DeMar DeRozan, Jrue Holiday, Ty Lawson, or Darren Collison.  Anyone but Flynn and this team is looking a hell of a lot better right now.

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