Ronzone Out as Assistant GM

From Jerry Z

Timberwolves assistant general manager Tony Ronzone has left the organization.

Known for his international-scouting connections, he was hired in spring 2010 just about the time Fred Hoiberg was headed for Iowa State’s head-coaching job and had a voice in personnel moves that included drafting Wes Johnson and Derrick Williams as well as trading away Al Jefferson, acquiring Michael Beasley and re-signing center Darko Milicic.

The Wolves, through a spokesman, said they and Ronzone mutually have agreed to part ways and wished him good luck.

This is interesting. However, it is nearly the weekend, so I’m not sure the time is right to bemoan the masses with an overdramatic conspiracy theory on how this is related to Adelman, his wife, Kahn’s mole, or Kevin Love’s uncle’s 4th cousin’s mistress. As of now, maybe the Wolves were not a good fit for him and he moved on. This happens in the NBA often. I’m thinking this should be thought of as mutually exclusive of the coaching search and any subsequent speculation theirein.

I will say this, though, to those who call this devastating. Ronzone, to me, appeared as a guy who liked international players almost to a fault. As of now Tony (who was often tabbed as “the 2nd Round Guy”) made no draft pick (or perhaps trade) that netted the Wolves anyone that played a single minute for the team. He selected Paulo Prestes, Bjelica, and a 27 year old guy from God-knows-where. This is creative, but I ask those reading, where did Tony get his sterling reputation? By picking guys who will never, ever play for us, and if they do it will be in 2016? If this article were not written about him and posted on all Wolves websites all around when we hired him, would this even be a blip on the radar? What has Tony done other than visit Yao Ming’s apartment in Shanghai and draft Jonas Jerebko while with Detroit? Draft Darko Milicic over Carmelo Anthony. That’d be about it. And allegedly push for Kanter over DWilliams. 

With that said, he seemed competent, so to that end he will be missed. Best of luck Tony! But to the fans, meh, this will impact nothing.

Have a great weekend.


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