Solving the NBA Lockout, Duh.

I’m no genius, but it seems simple enough to me.  Give the Players 51% of ALL Total Revenues.  Then after that, figure out the new contract lengths, max salary amounts, Luxury Tax, revenue sharing amongst teams, etc etc etc.

With 51% of all revenues, the Players feel like they “won” the negotiations, and can tell all their members they get more than the Owners.  Personally, I think a 50-50 split of all total revenues is fair, but 51-49 gets things done much sooner.  There’s still some ego and pride at stake here too, after all.

The players have already given away hundreds of millions over the length of a new CBA from their old deal, by going down from the previously agreed upon 57%, to the newly proposed 53%.  Going from 57% to 51% gives the Owners over $1 billion in savings over the length of a new CBA. Considering the Owners locked out the Players because they “supposedly” lost $300 million-ish dollars last season, that’s not too shabby.

If the Owners insist upon 50-50 split of revenues, but under the “old rules” concerning BRI (Basketball Related Income – where they got about $400 million per year in stadium/team costs/etc “credits” off the top BEFORE splitting the rest with the Players), then a 50-50 BRI split in this situation is actually only about 47% of all Total Revenue for the Players under a new CBA.  That just doesn’t seem fair to me at all.  I’m sorry, but I can understand why the Players wouldn’t take that deal.  It stinks.

So yeah, split ALL Total Revenue 50-50, and then the rest of this crap shakes out quite easily (all things considered.) Considering both parties are supposedly merely only a few percentage points away, then missing any games is very very bad.  They’ll end up losing more to the lockout and not having games, than they would by agreeing to a bad CBA (see: “CBA Talk: A Little Math” link below.)

But as I said above, make that happen and it’s The End.  Lockout is over soon.  Games come back.  We are all happy.

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