The Stupid NBA Lockout Needs To End Now




EXHIBIT 2: Michael Beasley May Have Broken His Wrist

Luckily for us, he may just end up being OK. But seriously, could anything else go wrong for him this off-season?  Wait… don’t answer that.

But really David $tern, what are you doing you greedy tyrant?  The NBA is (was?) at the peak of it’s popularity, and yourself and the other crotchety old owners are holding out, in a not-so-blatant attempt to absolutely crush the Players Union? This “cash grab” by the Owners is really just sickening to me.  Yes, I realize the CBA is flawed and needs to be fixed, but the demands by the Owners are unreasonable and insulting.  I mean, really asking for billions of dollars from the players over the next decade?  NBA players are probably overpaid as a whole, but that is the CBA that was AGREED upon during the last negotiating sessions.  The players are asking for NOTHING more than the status quo, again, which was agreed upon by both parties. 

Dear readers can google articles to form their own opinions, or just go read everything in this thread.  Either way, it’s pretty apparent what’s going on here.

David $tern, this nonsense needs to end now.

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