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Your TWolves lost to the Jazz tonight sans Deron Williams, which may be a shock to some of you, although I doubt it.  The Jazz have been one of the worst teams in the league of late, and I'm not even kidding. They had 6 straight losses, losing to Washington, the Nyets, and Philly. And then we go and lose to them without their best player. Just sad. And I thought we were gonna win (thinking Williams would be playing as well!) Pfffff. Good one Wolves.

Before I forget, lots of chatter and discussion can be found in the TWB Forum Game Thread for tonight's game.

We are just so bad. We have no players. Love puts up stats. Beasley is decent enough at times. Brewer and Wes can have nice little spurts. I guess Darko is good as far as underpaid centers go. But beyond that, we don't even have guys that would be playing on other .500 teams.

Flynn is so suck it's not even funny. If they did the draft over, he wouldn't even be a first round pick. 6 assists tonight against 6 turnovers. 5 points in 18 minutes. I don't think he could average 2:1 assists to turnovers if his life depended on it. Please trade him. For anything.  Is Memphis finally ready to trade Mayo or what?  Someone get Chris Wallace on the phone before they realize that Flynn is atrocious.

What the hell happened with 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter and the Wolves down 6? AK-47 misses two free-throws, but gets the second rebound. Millsap takes a shot off the side of the backboard, which is again offensive rebounded by Big Al, who then dumps it down low to AK-47 for the lay-in. Sadness all around.

And might I add that Al Jefferson stinks. And for $13+ million dollars per year, that's a whole lotta stink.  I wonder what Jazz fans are saying about him now?

Thank goodness we traded him, but too bad for us we didn't do it sooner so we could have actually gotten something of value for him, rather than cap space and 2 crappy protected first round picks.

We had 25 turnovers to only 10 for the Jazz. Probably why we lost to them without Deron Williams.

This season is getting hard to watch. Yet another loss. That's 6 in a row, and 11 of the last 12. That firmly entrenches us as the second worst team in the league. We better finally win the lottery because I can't take much more of this.

The Wolves take on the Toronto Raptors Saturday night at Target Center.  The game isn't on TV (again), which is probably for the best of anyone that still actually follows this team.  The TWB Forum Game Thread for the Raptors game can be found HERE.

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