12/17/12 Wolves @ Magic

The Christmas Magic has returned!

This is the Wolves' last chance for an easy victory before the schedule becomes nothing short of ridiculous. Rumor on the street is that Ricky will play tonight and sit out tomorrow vs. Miami. Good call? Bad call? Weird call? I'm not sure why they don't just stick to a minute limit, but perhaps that is just fan impatience.

For the Magic, guard Afflalo/Redick on the perimeter, keep Vucevic off the glass, get a hand up on Big Baby in the mid range….and you will probably win the game. Should be no trouble. Tomorrow? Well….yeah.

No word on Love but all signs point to him playing tonight. As the fans turn more and more sour on the guy, he needs every minute to get out of his funk and redeem himself. Something is up.

Prediction: blowout win.


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