2012 Draft Scenarios – Minnesota T-Wolves

I contributed over at the excellent NBA Draft Blog, which has been analyzing prospects and breaking down NBA team scenarios for the upcoming draft.  You can check out the full article for the T-Wolves picking at #18; which includes our recent draft history, returning players, team and positional needs, and some options that the Wolves have with their 18th overall pick. It’s good stuff, and a nice primer for those of you that haven’t yet thought much about the (quickly!) approaching draft (this Thursday!)

I also provided the guest commentary for the Wolves, which you can get a snippet of below. Otherwise, make sure to check out the full article for all my commentary, and the NBA Draft Blog analysis of the Wolves draft position for this year:

It’s unfortunate that Kahn is still running our draft, as it’s quickly becoming very apparent that he has no clue as to what the heck he’s doing when it comes to judging actual NBA talent. Even though the #18 overall pick isn’t historically a pick that one can expect to come in and turn around the fortunes of a franchise immediately, this is an extremely deep draft.  It’s possibly the deepest draft in many years. So there is an abundance of talent to be found if one knows where to look (Kahn doesn’t!)

With all that said, I personally think the Wolves should bundle the #18 pick with someone like Derrick Williams, in an attempt to move up to the top of the draft.  After Anthony Davis, I think the next tier of players #2-#5 all have about an equal chance of becoming future NBA stars, or at the very least, very good NBA core players for many years to come.

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