3/27/12 Wolves @ Grizzlies

Sorry for the lack of game threads. Apparently the rest of the TWB staff went on vacation with me last week. I kid, guys. Maybe (slackers).

Tough, tough, tough, tough, contest tonight. But if the Wolves still want to have any hope of making the playoffs, they have to do work. No Pek. No Barea. Love’s NBA nemesis in Zach Randolph is back and playing himself back into form. If the Wolves want to have a chance tonight, Wes and Martell are going to have to give us SOMETHING/ANYTHING. Or Wayne can continue his underrated season. Or we can just rest up and destroy Charlotte tomorrow. Who knows? Not much to say about tonight, other than: tough. The Grizzlies are good. Maybe a much tougher team for us matchup-wise than any other team in the West including OKC.

At least Rubio is finally coming over from Spain next year. Super pumped.



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