A Must-Win Game: Blazers @ Wolves 3/7/12





Wolves take on the Blazers tonight. After routing them last Saturday, Portland will be out for blood. This game is a must-win for a few reasons:

1. A wolves win combined with a Houston loss tonight will push then into 8th place in the west. (Remember, hate Houston and Portland for the next 6-8 weeks).

2. A win will widen the gap between the Wolves and the Utah/Portlands nipping at our feet.

3.  A win means Kahn might not trade Ridnour for Jamal Crawford. How do we feel about this rumor, by the way? Discuss.

4. Tough schedule coming up with a crazy 2-week road trip where we play 9 of 11 on the road. Take advantage of the home stand, and an easier opponent. Lakers are going to be tough Friday.

5. Need to move towards owning the tie-breaker with the Blazers. Doing so could be crucial down the line.

Discuss the game below. 


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