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So there’s this pretty cool art company called RareInk that just recently announced a partnership with the NBA to produce a collection of cutting-edge, limited-edition artwork featuring NBA players, historical moments and legendary teams. Clearly the Wolves don’t really fall under the latter of that criteria, but they still have some solid stuff for our team logos and whatnot. If someone sent one of those prints to me, I’d probably hang it on my wall somewhere; I mean… their work certainly is not bad at all. While we are at it, I just wanted to mention that I saw the O/U’s for the teams this season.  The Wolves already dropped something like 4 or 5 wins because of Love’s injury. I think we should be ok until Love and Rubio return, so I think it’s still likely that we get at least 40+ wins this year. So if you can find some sports betting options, I’d definitely take the Wolves OVER for season wins this year.

But I digress. Really, the entire point of this post, is that fans will be able to cast their vote on RareInk.com to determine future art releases. And what makes me really happy in the pants is that we could potentially get a pretty sweet rendition of Ricky done. If you go and follow THIS LINK HERE and then scroll to the second poll for “Emerging Stars”, you’ll see Ricky up against the likes of Kemba Walker (bwahahahaha!), Kyrie Irving (legit stud, but kinda boring), and John Wall (has a worse jump shot and less range than Ricky). Personally, I think it would be pretty cool to get a Ricky print commissioned. I’ve already voted approximately 75 times in the past hour (just joking………. maybe?), but would hope for some help from the other 68 (and growing!) TWolves fans out there.  Because as you all know, we don’t have many (any?) “historical moments” or “legendary TWolves teams” to our credit. It might be a while before we get another Wolves piece of artwork if Ricky doesn’t win this vote.

So yeah, check out the RareInk site and their artwork. It is quite good stuff. As a fan of the NBA, I will attest to it. But more importantly, go vote for Ricky so he can win that damn poll thing. God knows we Wolves fans need to win something! 

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