Kahn making another play for Pau


According to ESPN and a number of sources Kahn offered the Lakers a package built around Derrick Williams and Pekovic for Pau. Since he joined the Lakers you could make a case that the Lakers go as Pau goes, and since last years playoffs it's been very mediocre fare for both.

Why would the Wolves do this? Clearly we are building a foreign based team and Pau is one of the highest profile European players, plus he is the Patriarch of the current dominant Spanish team, so the Rubio connection is obvious. 


The downside of a deal like this is that even if you belive Pau is being misused by the Lakers, it is hard to make the case that the Wolves have depth to spare. In the first month of the season they needed every bit of the depth they have and there is no end in site to that with Buddinger, AK, Roy and Ricky still out. Just as importantly Pek has been somewhat disappointing this year compared to the 17/10 potential he flashed last year but he is still better than Pau right now. This deal could be a signal that the Wolves aren't sure about resigning Pek. That would be heartbreaking.

Despite much praise being heeped on Mitch Kupchak  the Lakers have gotten all but zero production out of the guys who aren't household names so you can see why they'd be interesting in a 4 for 1 type deal that upgrades their bench. 

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