DONE DEAL: Kevin Love Agrees to 4-Year Extension

Kevin Love has agreed to a contract extension with the Timberwolves reportedly worth $62 million over 4 years. Ray Richardson of the Pioneer Press was the first to report from what I saw. More to come on this excellent day for the Wolves. 

UPDATE: NO DEAL yet sccording to ESPN. Wolves unwilling to budge from the 4 year maximum. This will play out in dramatic fashion. No need to jump to conclusions yet.

UPDATES: Deal official. Love agrees to 4-year deal with opt out after year 3. Not sure what to make of this yet, other than Rubio and Love could be free agents at the same time. Yikes.

Anyhow. Very glad this is complete and official. Great day for Wolves fans. Now get that man some help, Kahn!