Rubio Eve: Wolves @ Pelicans

The Wolves are in New Orleans on what is rumored to be the night before Ricky Rubio's season debut. A few short updates are below. Comment on the game here as you see fit, or in the forums if you so desire.

1. Shved Starting. Per the team, Alexey Shved will get the start tonight at the 2 guard. Shved has earned his stripes and is clearly ready for more time. This could perhaps mean that Shved has earned the starting role for the remainder of the season barring injuries or a meeting with the rookie wall. JJ Barea will be your bench sparkplug. Let us collectively begin our campaign to get Shved to Houston for the Rookie Challenge.

2. Lee Hurt. Also reported by the team, Malcolm Lee has suffered a knee injury related to degenerative cartilage and is out indefinitely. Great! Lee has had major knee surgery a few times, so this is of no great surprise. if Kahn has learned one thing since he started, I hope it is to stop going after guys with major injury histories. The past doesn't always predict the future, but his recent fascination with Pau Gasol, who has developed knee tendonitis, basically seems like a match made in heaven for Kahn. Just stop it. 

3. Brow Back. The Wolves will get their first look at Anthony Davis, out the past couple of weeks with ankle problems. Brow came off the bench after returning from injury, so look for Monty to get him back in the swing of things against Minnesota and their porous interior defense.

And lastly…..hug your family and friends this holiday season. A terrible tragedy occurred today that goes beyond words. Let this be a reminder to always keep things in perspective. 

Prediction: The Wolves should have little issue getting the win tonight.


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