Where’s Waldo (Kahn)?


This picture appears on the front page of ESPN NBA, where long time Timberwolf-hater John Hollinger ranks Rubio #2 in the ROY race behind Kyrie Irving. 

Can you find David Kahn? He does lurk…everywhere.

And on that note, how insane is it that the link to the article cannot be posted because it is an ESPN Insider, paid article? While I am a subsciber (thank you, $10 Groupon), how shady is it that in order to read one man’s opinion, usually laden with snide, holier-than thou remarks, you need to pay a fee? Never understood it. Alas.

On a brighter note, Rubio is due for more minutes and a starting role soon. Things are looking very good for a Ricky of the Year trophy. 

PS…vote him into the All-Star game! Text the word “Rubio” to 69622. Do it. Now. Just do it. 


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