Wolves Acquire Chase Budinger and Some Dude for the 18th Pick

Swamp Donkeys in photo above not included in trade.

Without a source and before everyone explodes at Kahn, this is absolutely a Rick Adelman-driven move. Funny how that shifts the context here. A few brief thoughts:

1. Positives first: This is exactly why expectations can never be high. Last night we were treated to yet another sprinkling of rumors surrounding Kevin Martin and we woke up to Chase Budinger. In other words, we dreamt of Kevin Martin and woke up to Chase Budinger. Somewhere there is a spousal analogy here. The reason you, yes you, reader, might not like this trade is because your expectations were too high for the 18th pick.

2. Budinger fills a need and is a good, proven player who Adelman adores. There are positives here.

3. HOWEVER…. this is not enough. We are already headed towards the offseason every Wolves fan dreads: minimal, bit, cheap moves with relatively low impact results. Budinger will play a big role for the team next year and comes at a very modest salary, so there is room to add more. However, he will not have the type of impact required to really move this team forward. Kahn now has one less arrow in his quiver and for that reason I am terribly worried that this offseason is going to be a massive disappointment in aggregate. Over the next few days we will hear refrains such as, “the Wolves might not be done with moves,” and disappointment will follow. This is a good move perhaps for later in the summer, but overall I am very disappointed if this is Kahn’s draft day splash. Even if it was Adelman’s idea. And I’m guessing Kevin Martin was Adelman’s real idea.

4. An All-White starting lineup is a distinct, real possibility. David Kahn is obviously racist.



The Houston Rockets have traded Chase Budinger to Minnesota for the #18 pick. Confirmed.


Houston has also included the rights to Israeli Lior Eliyahu in the deal to Minnesota, a source said.


Lior Eliyahu will join the Timberwolves for Summer League in Las Vegas. Has a real chance to make their team it sounds.


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