Wolves Set to Sign Andrei Kirilenko



In a shocking, very quick turn of events, Kahn has finally acquired a significant player by signing Andrei Kirilenko to a 2-year, $20 million contract. Ten brief thoughts:

1. Kirilenko is a terrific player. He immediately brings a robust skillset and plenty of experience along with it. He is an excellent defender, falling into the swiss-army knife forward category. He can hit the outside shots. Brings energy, toughness, passing rebounding, defense, steals, blocks and shooting. He is about as versatile of a forward as they come. Don’t let anyone tell you this isn’t a very, very good addition to this roster.

2. Kirilenko was not technically “out of the league for a year.” He missed the season because of the lockout. During said year, he won the Euroleague MVP.  Any argument that he is “washed up” and “no team wanted him” is completely baseless.

3. Kirilenko’s injury proneness is a legit concern.

4. $10 million is not much of an overpayment for a player of his skillset, experience and prestige. Look around. We are just used to Kahntracts and rookie deals. What is funny is I’ll bet those against the money would be a-ok giving Gerald Wallace a similar deal. Seems hypocritical.

5. The Wolves finally look like a decent team.

6. Those of you who don’t like this move can kindly enjoy your alternative universe with Wes Johnson still in it and maybe a Willie Green offseason “cherry on top.”

7. Many Wolves fans should eat crow for dessert tonight (me included). A big move finally came. 

8. Trading Wes Johnson and a 1st rounder hurts. I get it. I’d rather focus on what is ahead. The Wes Johnson era is now over. The Wolves still have one extra first rounder. Wes will not be missed. Pretend it didn’t happen. Consistent, good basketball is upon us for the first time since 2004.

9. What on earth is the plan for Derrick Williams? 6th man combo forward? He is going to have a hard time finding minutes. This is a negative by-product.

10. < Insert ridiculously overdone whitey joke>


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