1/8/13 Hawks/Wolves

Limited time for a preview today. Bullet updates:

-No timetable yet on Love's return. I am guessing 6-8 weeks, which is really just awesome.

-Rubio should be back in action tonight. Although I wouldn't be shocked if some odd announcement came out today that  he is sitting.

-The Wolves have opted to re-sign Lazar Hayward to a 10-day. Season saved

-Pek is questionable tonight…..??

-This season is becoming more and more difficult to watch as time goes on. These injuries. I refuse to believe the training staff is up to speed on modern medicine. Some you can't prevent…duh…..but this is just borderline odd. With Love's hand, this is two injuries where they made the wrong diagnosis at first. The other was Howard, who was rehabbing his own mis-diagnosis of an ACL tear. And who the hell knows what is up with Roy. It is certainly getting fishier by the day. Something weird is up over there. Discuss.

-The Hawks are a good team. Horford and JSmoove, with a sea of shooters to frustrate the Wolves. It will be tough to win it tonight.

-That being said, despite the injuries, you have to hand it to Adelman and the Wolves for being a decent team thus far. Can you imagine this team healthy? A refrain to get used to.


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