Clippers @ Wolves

Adelman returns. Google "Jack Sparrow entrance" and think of Adelman returning. When a coach returns or is fired, sometimes generates temporary attribute boost like in NBA 2k Association. Wolves could win. Probably won't. Pek maybe returns. Same with Night of the Living Shved. Roy out. Love out. Everyone out. Johnson in. Gerbil Belly in. Trade deadline? Should be open to all options. George Bush in first term last time Wolves in playoffs. Clippers? Top team in league. Along with what seems like everyone else. Everyone good. Clippers added Jamal Crawford. Many Wolves fans didn't want. Good thing we signed Roy instead. Adelman vs. Del Negro. Funny joke: Del Negro may win COY. Lou Amundson likely gone soon. Hopefully traded for pick. So Kahn can take white guy from midwest with knees of glass. Perfect fit. Worthless article? Take the wheel. Originality after losing 2 straight to worst teams = impossible. Have fun. Surely the crickets will enjoy pontification. They always do.