Wolves Waive Amundson, Face Knicks Tonight


What was your favorite Lou moment? The 1:9 good play to bad play ratio? I really thought he would have been a nice pickup for the Wolves, but he proved entirely useless. Instead, his spot at the end of  the bench will be replaced by Chris Johnson, who was signed for the remainder of the season after showing really nice flashes during The Porter Incident. Adelman has since benched him as the 3rd center for no discernible reason. Probably because he is black.

Gelebale was also signed for the rest of the year. Good for him. He is about as plain of a player as you can find but he can actually hit shots from time to time. And his name is pronounced "McHale." Everyone wins!

Tonight the Knicks come to town. The Wolves are likely to continue their epic collapse, basically ending all hope for the season to yield any dividends aside from the lottery, where Kahn will pick a 65-year old tax accountant from northern France. Something, something injuries. Something, something, Love HATES Minnesota, something, something fire Kahn death hate world ending universe exploding all going to die in pain blah blah something.