Coach Kerr: “The most bizarre box score I’ve seen”

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Toronto Raptors by the score of 121 to 111 in one of the most bizarre box score games you’ll ever see – this according to coach Steve Kerr. After the game, coach Kerr gave an interview to the media.

Following the Warriors gaining a very big lead concluding the first quarter, 42-17, things were looking bright for the Warriors. However, it would be short-lived as the Dubs would allow the Raptors back into the game. This led Kerr to say the following comments:

“This is the most bizarre box score I’ve have ever seen. At halftime, we’re shooting 74 percent while the Raptors were at 38 percent. I think our defense and their rebounding let them get more than 15 second chance points. So this was a an odd first half.

“This is a nice victory for us. And the, Toronto Raptors, are a very great team. They are one of the best teams in NBA. But we were able to win. Obviously, we had some mistakes and we did not finish the game the right way, But as I said, it was a tough team and a great game.”

Kerr continue to say we played with full energy at the beginning. The ball was moving very well. We were active on defense, which allowed us to gain a very big lead at the end of the first quarter. We then found that we couldn’t keep up the same tempo and lost rhythm. But we played very well first quarter.

In this game, the Warriors had 20 turnovers, which let Raptors back into the game because of those miscues. Golden State can’t have those errors come playoff time.

Some of those turnovers are from our own carelessness with the basketball. Sometimes our players lose their focus while playing. On the contrary, they seem that they are playing BODOG. We will watch and analyze the game tape after we get back. But 20 turnovers is too much to accept. Two of these turnovers were made at the end of first quarter. This continued into the second quarter, and we play very bad because of it. We obviously didn’t solve the problem. These problems grows like snowballs, more and more. We have to solve these kind issues in the future. They shoot 22 times more than us,just like the game we played with Cavaliers on Christmas. In this situation, it is difficult for us to win. If you let your opponent shoot much more than you, we have to hit more shots in order to win said Kerr.”