A ‘Target Center’ review… and the return of Ricky?!?

If you haven’t seen it before, the website publishes reviews of sports stadiums from all over the world.  To date, they have posted reviews of over 1,200 different stadiums. It’s actually pretty cool if you ever go check out the site.  And SJ also recently posted a new review of the “experience” at Target […]

Kevin Love’s 5th Annual “Coat Drive”

Check out this great #EPICWINNING video from Kevin Love that he created with the help of some teammates, to launch his fifth annual “Minnesota Coat Drive”: His coat drive video “The Session” is just full of comedy gold. Look at Nicola the “Peksecutioner” breathing through his “neck gills” at the 0:47 mark. Lolz!  And of […]

Game Thread 11/24: T-Wolves at Golden State Warriors

Losers of four games in a row, our 5-6 T-Wolves visit the 7-6 Warriors tonight. Despite the heroic early return of Kevin Love to the basketball court, it hasn’t yet paid dividends in the win column. Hopefully that ends tonight, but Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are probably going to eviscerate our terrible defensive backcourt. […]

***BREAKING NEWS: Brandon Roy to have knee surgery

Breaking news on the latest with Brandon Roy’s knee, and it’s not good folks: “Brandon Roy will undergo arthroscopic knee surgery this week, the seventh knee surgery of his career. Roy fatefully banged his knee in the Wolves’ final preseason game, which led to ongoing soreness and caused him to miss the past four games. His […]

Go Vote for Ricky’s RareInk Art

So there’s this pretty cool art company called RareInk that just recently announced a partnership with the NBA to produce a collection of cutting-edge, limited-edition artwork featuring NBA players, historical moments and legendary teams. Clearly the Wolves don’t really fall under the latter of that criteria, but they still have some solid stuff for our team […]

Wolves Pre-season Game 3 Recap: Marko’s Return!

  I wasn’t able to catch the game Saturday night in which the Wolves improved their pre-season record to 2-1, by defeating the Chicago Bulls 82-75. Just looking at the boxscore quickly, a few things stick out: Holy crap Carlos Loozer sucks. On top of that, he plays below-average defense and is getting paid a […]

5 TWolves Questions with Crossover Chronicles

TWB staff writer Jon Schweppe did a little Q&A for this week’s #TWolvesDay, with Bloguin’s fantastic NBA site Crossover Chronicles. They talked T-Wolves, the off-season, what we can expect for the upcoming season, and Roy (among other things.) So head on over to Crossover Chronicles to check out the article and interview! Personally, I think we’ll be […]

The rest of the T-Wolves Off-season…

    The off-season has gone swimmingly so far. I mean, we have subtracted more black players than anyone could have ever imagined, and our team is almost 100% white. In 1950, Kahn gets an infinity A+ for this off-season. Lesley Johnson is rumored to be gone in a 3-way trade, although with a future […]

We Got Him Too

He’s not white, but at least he’s a much needed big-man (at least, bigger than Wayne Ellington. I think. Maybe.)  CAN YOU FEEL IT?!? Jerry Zgoda reporting: That Wolves trade that has been in the works for days and days — shooting guard Wayne Ellington to Memphis for forward Dante Cunningham — will finally be […]

We Got Him

$10 million over three years, for the mystery man from Russia. The Timberwolves have agreed to a three-year, $10 million contract with Alexey Shved. Shved, whose departure from CSKA Moscow has already been announced, should officially sign with Minnesota in the coming days. “Minnesota’s a good, young and ambitions team,” Shved said. He also had […]

Fun with Free Agency?

Hahahahahahah Randy Foye wants the full MLE (or more???) He’s clearly delusional. Out of the league within 2 years. I don’t even have anything else to say (amazingly.) Kahn is going to sign and trade Batum for 567 first round picks? I guess I wouldn’t doubt it. But the Frenchman has already said he doesn’t […]

2012 Draft Scenarios – Minnesota T-Wolves

I contributed over at the excellent NBA Draft Blog, which has been analyzing prospects and breaking down NBA team scenarios for the upcoming draft.  You can check out the full article for the T-Wolves picking at #18; which includes our recent draft history, returning players, team and positional needs, and some options that the Wolves have […]

Game Thread: Anthony Randolph to Start tonight vs Pacers

  Yep, that about sums up the state of this team right now. He’s starting the game tonight vs the Pacers, in place of our ineffective second overall pick in the draft. And no, I’m not talking about Michael Beasley.  Like AR is wont to do this time of the year, like clock-work, watch him […]

Kevin Love Injured & Leaves Game vs Nuggets

No sense telling you all what you already know, namely, that we suck without Kevin Love. (Good job on that roster construction, Kahn!)   We’re currently down 20 at half-time vs. the Nuggets, and like the last dozen games and the reminder of the season… this one is over. Per Rotoworld:   Kevin Love has […]