11/5/12 Wolves/Nets

                        The above human is an actual NBA player Sorry, not much time for a preview today. A few quick bullets. -Take Care of the Ball. Last night was an outlier in every sense of the word in terms of turnovers (and the dreadful transition […]



Editor’s Note: Recently TwolvesBlog invited the TimberTrolls to become members of our writing staff. The TimberTrolls are primary Spanish-speaking so pardon the language barrier! We welcome their pictures, .gifs and videos with open arms and hope you enjoy their posts throughout the season and beyond. Before the season kicks into gear, they will post some […]


TWolvesBlog Welcomes the TimberTrolls!

TwolvesBlog is excited to announce a partnership with the WORLD RENOWNED group of Spanish Timberwolves fans: The Minnesota TimberTrolls! The TimberTrolls are best known for their extremely hilarious pictures, .gifs, and videos featuring Ricky Rubio and the Wolves, and for spearheading international interest in the team we know and love. Content will be posted on […]