Editor’s Note: Recently TwolvesBlog invited the TimberTrolls to become members of our writing staff. The TimberTrolls are primary Spanish-speaking so pardon the language barrier! We welcome their pictures, .gifs and videos with open arms and hope you enjoy their posts throughout the season and beyond. Before the season kicks into gear, they will post some of their old favorites, as well as some pictures that never really made it onto their Facebook or Twitter pages last season. Here is their first post:


Hi Everyone!

We are the TimberTrolls, a spanish timberwolves fanclub that follows the team with humor. After a great season, the team became a family. Here you can see them eating together one night:


Or sharing the car to go home after a match:


We start this season with changes but i hope the TimberTroll spirit won’t dissapear.

The team has changed the roster and become more “white”:


I hope we can have a great time together and be happy with our team!





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