11/30/12 Bucks vs. Wolves


Discuss tonight's game here as you wish.

Injury update: AK47 is out again, and Love is questionable due to "food poisoning." I have a feeling he will tough it out, but that is an unknown at this point. In other, better news Ricky Rubio was cleared for practice yesterday and all signs point to him starting his season well before Christmas.  My prediction remains Rubio makes his debut next Friday against Cleveland in a self-esteem boosting blowout win. But then again I am about 0/586 on random predictions this year. 

Rather than do bullets for this, I'll have you guys write this preview by leading with a few questions:

-Will the Wolves play a single game this season at full health?

-If the Wolves win with Love out of the lineup, what implications should we draw? 

-Is there concern with rushing Rubio back because the team is underperforming these past 8 games?

-Who should Derrick Williams be traded for?

-What defensive adjustments should Adelman make against yet another dynamic back court in Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings?

-Do you have any Mafia connections, 10 grand laying around, and a dislike for Barea's recent play as much as I do? If so, let's talk.

Prediction: I have a good feeling about tonight. Someone is due for a big "statistical anomaly game" and hopefully it's Shved. I want that young man to get as much confidence as possible his rookie year. Wolves should win this one.


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