1/9/11 Wolves @ Spurs

As many readers have started figuring out, TWB has a new comments system. As such, we will be putting a game post on the front page before every game to centralize any talk. The forums will continue to be active during this time as well for those who prefer that. 

Wolves are in San Antonio and at their lowest point of the season. Tonight might not be pretty but at some point the Wolves’ woes have to cease, right? 

A few things to think about during tonight’s game if the play becomes unwatchable:

-Brewer is getting the start tonight. Sad to see Wes head to the bench, but I think shaking things up at this point in the season may prove dividends. Hopefully Rambis doesn’t continue to have his wings needlessly double down low leaving Manu and others open tonight. I mean, how rarely does the wing help even add anything significant to the post defense? It is so easy for any post player with half a brain to kick out to an open man, especially when the wing defender is waddling down nanchalantly directly into the post player’s field of vision. Mind boggling, this strategy is. Darrell Rhombus, man of action.

-The Nets apparently want the Wolves to be involved in a potential deal for Melo. Our role would be sending out a first round pick AND absorbing Troy “Mutant Macaulay Culkin”  Murphy’s contract according to NJ. Yeah…..that will happen. WTF?, really? Why does it seem like Kahn would do this?


-The Wolves are dangling Flynn and allegedly offered him and fluff to Houston for Aaron Brooks. Not surprisingly, conversations didn’t get far. I mentioned this in the forums, but Flynn is playing epically awful. This is obvious. With that said, I wish Wolves fandom was supporting our 6th pick a little bit better. He has basketball ability. His issues are a combination of injury, a dreadful coach destroying his confidence, limited playing time and a leesh the size of Darko’s tampon string. Let’s give the kid a chance before trading him for 2 second round picks. 

2 consecutive games against the Spurs. Should be a hoot of an early week.


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