The Official 2009 Mock Draft Contest

Dust off your thinking caps and Brandon Roy T-Wolves jerseys. is proud to announce our first (lottery) 2009 Mock Draft Contest. Test your psychic ability and see if you can accurately predict the top 14 picks in this year’s draft. You may just win what is actually a pretty decent, Wolves-related prize: Free $85 tickets to a 2009-2010 Home Game of your choice!*

*No Lakers, Celtics or Cavs.

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I know, you are either at work, or doing something to keep your mind elsewhere. With that in mind, please do your best to read the rules, scoring, and how to enter sections carefully. We want this to go as smoothly as possible so that everyone has a chance to win these tickets.


Basic Rules:

  • ONE entry per person. Up to one revision may be accepted on a case by case basis. But please, try hard to submit your final picks the first time.  We would appreciate it.
  • Only predictions of the lottery (picks 1-14) are needed. See entry form below.
  • All entries must answer the two tie-breaker questions.
  • Incomplete entries will not be considered.
  • The person with the highest score wins (duh).
  • Absolute deadline for entry is 11:59pm Central Time on Wednesday, June 24th. This is the night prior to the draft. Entries recieved midnight or later will not be considered.
  • Anyone predicting Tyler Hansbrough in the lottery loses 15 points automatically. Just kidding. But you would only be hurting yourself by predicting that.
  • All entries must be sent to
  • Tie-Breaker questions will only be relied upon in the event of a tie.Obviously if there is still a tie with the first question,  we will use the 2nd tie breaker question. If there is still a tie, we will assume you are cheating and CW and I will take the tickets for ourselves. Just kidding, if that happens we will have to think of some other way to handle it.


Scoring will be done in “tiers” with the following point values associated with them:

  • Picks 1-5 will be worth: 3 points per correct answer in this range
  • Picks 6-10 will be worth: 2 points per correct answer in this range
  • Picks 11-14 will be worth 1 point per correct answer in this range

There are also two tiebreaker questions below that need to be answered which are each worth… well since they will only be used in the event of a tie, lets be fun and make them each worth 100,000 points.

Important Note: Only the actual position each player was picked will be considered in scoring, NOT the team he ends up with. So, for example, if David Kahn selects DeRozan at 6 and then trades him to Sacramento for Cash Considerations and the rights to swap 2nd round picks in 2017, you recieve 2 points for picking DeRozan at 6 regardless of whether he was traded to Sacramento. Make sense?


How to Play:

Simply copy the form below from into an e-mail (much prefferred to make scoring quicker), or a Word Doc. Then e-mail it to us at no later than 11:59 PM Central on Wednesday June 24th.

Here is the entry form:

– Your Name:

– TwolvesBlog Username: (if you have one. Forum name not required for entry, but this is a great opportunity to get started in our forum)















Tie-Breaker Questions.

1. How many of the first round selections of this year’s draft be involved in a draft day trade?

2. Predict what number Tyler Hansbrough will get drafted at?

Fill in the players you think will be drafted at whichever position. Then, answer the tie-breaker questions. Once complete, e-mail (be sure to include your name) to no later than (one more time) 11:59pm Central Time, Wednesday, June 24th.

Scoring may take as a while. We should have the results the first week in July.

And we want as many people joining in on this as possible, even if you arent overly familiar with who is in the draft pool. If you need some ideas, take a look at the helpful links below to do a little research on this years’ class.

And as ALWAYS, be sure to check out stellar deals for tickets on A special thank you to them for the giveaway for this contest. The Early Bird Special of $5 a game will not last forever!

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