5 TWolves Questions with Crossover Chronicles

TWB staff writer Jon Schweppe did a little Q&A for this week’s #TWolvesDay, with Bloguin’s fantastic NBA site Crossover Chronicles. They talked T-Wolves, the off-season, what we can expect for the upcoming season, and Roy (among other things.) So head on over to Crossover Chronicles to check out the article and interview!

Personally, I think we’ll be one of the teams fighting for the 7th or 8th playoff spot in the West, if everything goes our way and we catch some lucky breaks this year. It’s just going to be really tough with Ricky out for the first month or so (or maybe even longer?!?)  Hopefully his loss isn’t insurmountable, and we don’t dig ourselves too big of a hole early in the season. As we all know, the Wolves were only 5-20 last season down the stretch after Ricky got hurt.

Also, I’ve got a little bonus link here for everyone. Check out Hoops Manifesto as he previews the T-Wolves for the upcoming season. Hoops Manifesto has them ranked as the 12th best team for 2012-2013!

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