Are there any Wolves playing today?

The team has today off but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be watching basketball with the Wolves in mind. For the most part the top prospects in the 2011 draft are having a very solid tournament.  

Sadly when two prospects collide one has to go. Derrick Williams won round one against Kyrie Irving in spectacular fashion. Williams managed to channel his inner Blake Griffin or 60 minutes of game time. He was clearly a top 5 guy going into this week. At this minute he seems to be top 3. Williams shooting seems to put him in solid shape to be a SF in the pros if he has the ball handling to match it.  

I would go on and on about Sullinger right here but he is dead set on staying in school. He was very very passionate in yesterday's game. It was impressive to see. If he can get in better shape he'll be in the top 3 next year.


Onto the guards.  Kemba Walker has played like a champ for 3 weeks now.  The way UConn has used him at off guard I wonder if Kahn had the idea of playing a smaller scoring guard with Rubio was right. He just had the wrong guy. Kemba seems to be everything

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