BREAKING NEWS: New Wolves Logos

In a surprising turn of events, the Minnesota Timberwolves have announced a logo change.  Normally major changes to team properties, such as logo adjustments need to be made months in advance before the start of the season.  However, the Timberwolves were apparently able to make these changes suddenly and quietly, due to the fact that this logo update falls under the guidelines of a “color change” vs. an outright logo change.  It has also been reported that the Wolves will be returning to their original jerseys that they wore from 1989-90 to 1994-95.  Again, the fact that the Wolves are not introducing anything “new” has allowed them to make these changes on such short notice.

The initial plans for this season were to incorporate a slight alteration to the team’s current jersey, which was initially released for the start of the 2008-09 season.  However, the overall perception among fans regarding Minnesota’s recent jersey and logo alterations has been less than ecstatic.  In an attempt to show that they are listening to the fans and making strides to change the direction of the team, Wolves leadership worked quickly and quietly to secure permission from the league for the late-breaking logo and jersey change. The finished logo products are below.  Images of the new jerseys have not been released, but by all accounts they will look identical to the team’s original jersey, except for updated logos on the shorts.

Primary Logo
Secondary Logo
Primary Logo Without Text
And before you get too excited, you can rest assured that I’ve made this entire story up, including the logos.  How disappointed are you? I bet you hate me right now.  Sorry, but I just wanted to prove a point.  The team needs a new logo, or, more accurately, better utilization of its old and current styles.  Ditch the slate blue, black, and grey.  It’s ugly.  It’s outdated. Break out the blue and green.  It’s retro.  It’s cool.  Lose the overly intense 90’s wolf.  I mean, I can’t even put anything Timberwolves related in my soon-to-be-born son’s room because my wife thinks it will scare him.  I hadn’t really thought of it that way, because I haven’t been worried about monsters in my closet for at least 20 years, but she’s probably right.
I whipped those logos together in like 20 minutes, proving that it’s not too hard to make what we already have look good. If this team really wants to change, then let’s start by get this team some threads that Carmelo and Rubio will look good in!
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