D Day

Well, the day is upon us. Two months after the Wolves’ horrid season ends, we have come to draft day. The Wolves hold the #2 and #20 picks, no second rounders, and have been the subject of a barrage of rumors. 

Andre Iguodala, Pau Gasol, Monta Ellis, Andrew Bogut, Josh Smith, Marcin Gortat, Steve Nash, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom have all been mentioned as potential trade targets. The #2 pick holds the most value for us in tradeable options.

What will happen? Can Kahn pull some magic? Can he make his first meaningful trade, for an established player, of his career? Do teams even work with us anymore? Too many questions. We will find out tonight.

It may be wise to lower expectations a bit. Every Kahn Window of Opportunity has produced a zombie-army of armchair GM speculation with none other than Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry’s mumu and sports bra to show for it. It seems very real that all of the allure of a good move will come crashing down when no deal materializes. Not trying to be negative, just temper expectations a bit so one can enjoy their evening.

My prediction: Wolves draft and keep Williams, and trade the #20 pick for either a 2nd rounder and cash to pay the Rambis buyout, or 2 2nd rounders. I don’t think Kahn has it in him to acquire the player we all covet. 

But that’s just me. Only a few hours way…..thoughts? Feel free to join the forum conversations on draft night or head down to Target Center at 5:30 for the draft party. A few of us staffers and friends will be there. Look for the group of eight or so standing on the edge of the Hennepin Avenue bridge after Kahn trades the #2 pick for Matt Bonner and come say hi.


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