Dear Dikembe’s Open Letter to Ricky Rubio

Burke Nixon (sounds like a name of a future mid-1st round draft pick) of Dear Dikembe was kind enough to share a link with us to his open letter to Ricky Rubio. His blog is very creative and is operated under the concept of open letters to players, GM’s and the like. Everyone loves open letters! 

Here is a link to the letter.

A brief excerpt (but click above to read the real thing) and read/comment on his blog!

Dear Ricky Rubio,

First of all, I’m not gonna worry about the language barrier here. You speak decent English, judging from this strange clip I saw on YouTube where you get interviewed by Drew Gooden (?) on what appears to be the set of a fake news show while wearing some sort of sweater that only a Euro could pull off. And anyway, the subject I wanna talk to you about knows no language barriers. I’m talking about delight, Ricky. Or we might refer to a related term: beauty. You know as well as anyone that the most consistently delightful, purely beautiful action in basketball is a nice pass. When people fall back on that old metaphor of basketball-as-jazz, they’re not thinking of dunks or blocks or Carmelo holding the ball for almost the entire shot clock and then taking a jumper. They’re thinking of nice passes. There’s nothing better than a nice pass, nothing more delightful than watching a great PG improvise beauty. And ever since news came across the Atlantic about a Spanish kid playing pro ball in Europe at the age when we get driver’s licenses in the States, we’d heard that you, my friend, were a purveyor of nice passes.



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