Draft Day Chatter 2012

We'll this would be a more inspired post if say the Wolves Front Office didn't feel that it's too hard to do any drafting outside of the top 10. It is too risky to chance a bust when you can get middling players (of the type that can be easily filled in during Free Agency). 

Things to watch for:

1. Will Jeremy Lamb or Austin Rivers fall to #18 and force us to slam our collective hands in the door?

2. Will Derrick Williams be part of a block buster

3. Will Derrick Williams be part of a weak sauce turd of a trade

4. Does Kahn have a wink wink deal with Houston to send us Kevin Martin after they sign Courtney Lee. If Houston had been trading for a team with a real GM like Indiana or Milwaukee the answer would be yes.

5. Who goes at the #10 pick that McHale gave away in an attempt to make the Wolves worse in the short and the long term?

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