Frodo is Clutch!

From the AP: Luke Ridnour hit three free throws with 1 second left in overtime to rally the Minnesota Timberwolves to a 119-118 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday night in the exhibition finale for both teams.

The Bucks led 118-112 with 2:05 left, but the Timberwolves (6-2) hit seven straight free throws to end it. Ridnour finished with 17 points, including going 10 of 10 from the free throw line, and had seven assists against his old team.

Also of note were 12 points,10 boards, and 4 assists from Darko, who led all Wolves with a plus/minus of +11.  Take that haters!

The Big Pecker had 10 and 5, but ended up with a plus/minus of -10.  Rumor has it that he upped the number to +2 after the game by seducing the entire Milwaukee Bucks dance team.

In other news, by finishing the preseason at 6-2, the Wolves effectively won 25% of their total wins over 82 games last season.  If they continue at this torrid pace, they’d end up with 61.5 wins, which was good enough for the best record in the league last season!  Could we be in for, dare I say it, playoff basketball?

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Derek Hanson

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