Game Day Wolves Notes 10.27.10

Since you are reading this site, you probably already know that the Wolves kick off the 2010-11 season tonight at Target Center vs. the Sacramento Kings.  GO US.  I predict a win.  Check out all kinds of analysis and chatter in the TWB Forum Game Thread for tonight. I’ll be at the game with Wally World.  Yay for us.  Support the team.  Hoo rah.

Tyreke Evans (DUI Suspension) and Sam Dalembert (injured vag) are out for the Kings tonight.  Hopefully Cousins doesn’t go off for like 22 and 15 against us, but if he does, also equally hopefully (terrible grammar and I know it) Wes Johnson will score more than 6 points, or something like that. With Martell Webster being out, Wes will certainly get the opportunity to show us what he can do, assuming his hammy is all healed up.  What is it with our team and injuries?  Good grief.

Word on the street is that Telfair will also play tonight.

In Other News…

Just a few links that I wanted to make sure everyone saw:

– KLove apparently has a new blog over at  Intriguing.  And I love it so far:

I wanna end this first post with a message for my man over at ESPN, Bill Simmons. I heard that on his podcast, he was going through all the Vegas over-unders for every NBA team’s 2010-11 season win totals. Apparently, according to Vegas, the over-under for our team is the lowest in the league, just 23.5 wins. Well, first of all, fuck them. No, I’m just kidding! But then I heard Bill took the under on our team—he said he thinks we’re gonna win LESS than 23.5 games. Well, OK, Bill. You’re my guy. You’re a good friend. But you take it out on the Timberwolves a little too much. You need to give us a little more respect! And don’t worry, that respect will be earned. We will GLADLY show you. Mark my words: we’re going over 30 wins this year.

Hell yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

– The T-Wolves partied like Rockstars after the exhibition game at Syracuse vs Detroit?

NBA Playbook asks how the T-Wolves can run the Triangle Effectively.  Good read.

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