Getting Iggy With It

I like to do a Google Images search before I write my post to see if there’s anything interesting that I can use to spice up my posts.  In the past, I’ve had mixed results.  For example, a few weeks back, I happened to stumble upon the awesomeness that is Courage Wolf.  Today, while searching for “Iggy”, thinking that I’d find a picture of an iguana or one of the Koopa Kids from Super Mario Bros. 3, I was treated with this…

Now that you’ve been sufficiently horrified this Monday morning, we’ll get to the point of this post.

Rumors have begun to swirl that Andre Iguodala may be on the trading block.  As anyone who’s visited the forum lately knows, this is a pretty big deal here at TWB as College Wolf has been lusting for Iggy to join the Wolves for months. A lot of the forum conversation (a.k.a. bickering back and forth between Dave and Mike) has centered around whether an Iggy/Love deal would be a worthwhile move to persue.  However, the thinking there was that the Sixers were content with Iguodala and the Wolves would have to give them a pretty sweet package to convince them to part ways. If, as this article suggests, Philadelphia is actually a bit disenchanted with Iggy and looking to move his rather sizeable contract, then it’s entirely possible that Minnesota could acquire him without handing over K. Lav. 

So what do you think the play should be here for the Kahn man, you know, assuming he’s willing to break the mold and pursue someone who’s not a European or overly smiley? 

I personally think the aforementioned Love/Iguodala swap might be a slight upgrade, but not enough to get the Wolves over the hump, so we won’t even go thre.

As CW mentioned in his forum post on the subject, a deal involving anyone other than Love, Rubio, and the #1 pick this year if the Wolves win it (yeah, right) would probably be good value for the T-Wolves.  I’d tend to agree, as a core of Rubio/Love/Iggy could be a solid foundation for a playoff team. 

What are your thoughts on a potential trade?  Discuss away either in the comments below, or the forum.

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