It’s Official: Flynn/Webster to Get First Action Tonight vs. GS

Per Jerry Z’s twitter account, Jonny Flynn and pre-season extraordinaire Martell Webster are going to be playing tonight against the Warriors! Jerry added that Rambis will not be limiting Flynn’s minutes, and that Webster will get no more than 20 minutes tonight. 

A couple bullets on this, since bullets are fun:

  • Will be interesting to see how Flynn’s speed, strength, penetration and athleticism will impact the movement of our offense. As a corollary, I think Flynn had over 6 turnovers in each of his 2 D-League games, which isn’t a great sign. Overall, this team has lacked ball-handlers in the worst way and Jonny could really help us here. He could prove to be equally as frustrating as Ridnour thus far, but it’s tough to argue he won’t be an immediate upgrade over Telfair.
  • A new era of the season has begun. In some ways, it’s weird to even imagine this team now that these guys are back and ready for action.
  • Curious what happens roster-wise as we could see some major changes to the current rotation, including: 1. Sebastain Telfair being reduced to a 3rd string role and likely rarely seeing playing time, along with Luke becoming a backup (his ideal role) over time. 2. Sundiata Gaines perhaps seeing his last days in ‘Sota. 3. The assignment of Lazar Hayward to his rightful spot in the D-League. 4. Ellington also being relegated to the bench as Brewer scraps up any remaining minutes. 5. Speaking of Brewer, a significant reduction in his role/trade value as well. 6. The addition of 2 more decent shooters to the lineup. Overall today is a very positive day for us.
  • Webster had an awesome pre-season and proved to be an absolutely deadly shooter whom, most importantly, shot the ball with a sort of intangible confidence we don’t often see in Wolves unis. However, he also had a few off games, a key criticism of him throughout his career (inconsistency). I expect him to be active right out of the gate given the amount of time he has been in practice rehabbing. Props to Rambis and crew for being patient. This is always tough for a  fan to go through, but better in the long run.

Game is on FSN tonight at 9:30 our time. Tune in to catch the newbies in action.


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