Jazz vs. Wolves 3/11/11

Tonight Big Al makes his return in a very winnable game against a Utah team very much in transition. An odd time to go through such drastic deconstruction, it is difficult to say what the future holds for Utah. They are still very much a veteran team. It should be an interesting offseason for them, as it will be the Wolves.The usual slew of random questions to think about if you have the privilege of watching tonight’s doozy:

1. How is Ty Corbin as a coach for Utah? I think the saddest thing about the Sloan situation was its abruptness. He didn’t get a farewell tour or nearly the respectful, heralded exit he deserved. Furthermore, one would think that order of operations may have been a worthwhile consideration for the Jazz. Maybe if Sloan stuck it out past the trade deadline he would still be on the sidelines?

2. Wes Johnson. Has he recovered from his illness? I called him out the other day for having an inconsistent season. He has had two poor games in a row now, but clearly illness is an acceptable alibi. The accusation is unjust until he gets a game or two off the mend.

3. Michael Beasley allegedly was kicked out of the West End movie theatre. Oddly, the article title calls out Mike, but him and multiple teammates were thrown out for absurd behavior. I find it unfair the article specifically calls out Mike. Very poor journalism.

4. The Wolves played a game against a dreadful team the other night, and have a decent schedule the rest of the way. What do you think the final record will be? How much of an improvement will the team net versus last year? Is this enough to justify holding onto Rambis?


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