Kevin Love Sucks At Beer Pong

The Timberwolves big man — who’s of legal drinking age by the way — hit up his uncle Mike’s crib (yes, Mike Love….lead singer of the Beach Boys)… and whipped out the booze, solo cups and ping pong balls recently.

Here’s the rub — while Love is usually a pretty good shot on the court, we’re told his team lost on the table … ’cause Love couldn’t nail down the range.

– Come on man! You should be able to hit those cups in your sleep. Being the weak link on your team is unacceptable! Keep practicing big fella, and maybe you can be a beer pong champ someday.
P.S. Please find a healthy mix of playing beer pong and working on your basketball skills this summer. 80% beer pong 20% practicing sounds about right.
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