Kevin Love Turns Down the Turkish club Besiktas

As most of you probably saw, it had been rumored a few days ago that K-Love could soon be playing in the Turkish Basketball League on a team with Luol Deng and Deron Williams, during this never-ending and absurd NBA lockout.  It was definitely a legit rumor from Adrian Woj of Yahoo Sports, but it turns out that it just wasn’t going to end up happening.  Apparently Love didn’t feel great about that opportunity, but he didn’t rule out playing elsewhere during the lockout:


“I didn’t feel it was the right decision for me at this time but playing elsewhere is still very much an option,” @kevinlove on Turkey to Y!
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Think Mr. Love would want to come play at one of our houses on an adjustable basketball goal?  Maybe put that baby down to 9 feet so that he’d really be able to show off his hops?  Someone Tweet him up.

Also in Ricky Rubio T-Wolves news…

There have been two superb pieces about Ricky Rubio in the past two days.  Definitely make sure to check them out if you are wondering what he’s been up to lately.

– Again from Adrian Woj at Yahoo Sports: Free at last, “Ricky Rubio ready to start NBA career.”

– And from the solid Sam Amick at “With little fanfare, Rubio takes ‘little step’ on road to the NBA.”

– Saving the best for last, We’ve got Rubio highlights from Drew Gooden’s charity game.  Here are the top ten plays below.  Rubio makes it twice, and also has the #1 overall play of pure, studly awesomeness:



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