Kevin Love’s Numb#rs

Here’s the latest from the Wolves’ PR department, a video promoting Kevin Love for an All-Star bid.  This video was sent as a DVD, along with a bottle of Numb#rs cologne, to every Western Conference coach in the hopes that they’ll write down Love’s name as an All-Star reserve.  Also included in the package is a list of the various numbers that Kevin Love has put up this year. 

The Wolves tried something similar with Big Al a while back using GPS devices, but Jefferson ultimately failed to get the nod.  I think this campaign has a slightly better chance of succeeding as Love is a lot more marketable than Big Alco and he has put up stats this season the likes of which haven’t been seen for a loooooooong time.  Still if there’s one number that will keep K. Love out of the ASG, it’s “10”.  That’s the current number of Wolves’ victories.

Overall, a pretty solid effort by the Wolves PR department.  My only critique is that the guy doing the voice over at the end sounds like a creepy sex predator.  I guess Ted Williams wasn’t available…


Derek Hanson

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