Kings vs. Wolves 3/20/11

The battle for King Crap of Turd Island commences on this gloomy, rainy day in Minneapolis. Why anyone in their right minds would choose to watch this game over some epic NCAA games is beyond me. With that said, I will probably watch. Some people are just addicted to destruction after all, I guess. Some brief bullets of thought, per usual:

1. After Andrew Bynum’s thuggish behavior resulted in a Michael Beasley injury, Kurt Rambis found it prudent to defend his former team (surprise, surprise). I mean, what is he thinking, doing this? Are we overreacting? Is it reasonable to assume he didn’t see the video? Even if he did, is this acceptable? Oi….

Phil Jackson also recently offered this interesting tidbit.

“The purpose seemed to be right, the words were said that we’re going to build a championship,” Jackson said. “I remember the commercials during the game last year. Wasn’t it about how to build a championship with the general manager [David Kahn] and the whole bit? Then there’s nothing spent. They still have a payroll that doesn’t reflect the idea of going after a championship.”

To think this isn’t on behalf of his friend and former assistant is pretty naive. Jackson certainly has a point, though.

UPDATE: Rambis on the Wolves/Kings preegame confirmed he had not seen the Bynum foul video at the time he made the initial comments.  He has changed his stance on it, or so he says, and added Bynum got in touch with Beasley to apologize.  Hanneman also mentioned something about a technical foul conspiracy on Ron Artest? This is news to me….

2. Again, this may be the 4th consecutive game preview I mention this, but what in the world is this team going to do with Anthony Randolph? Ironically, Kahn states he got him to deal with the Bynums and Gasols of the world, and he nets a DNP-CD against the Lake-show. What gives in this situation?

3. How are people feeling about the DMC vs. Wes argument at this point? I still belong to the camp that until Cousins starts kidnapping kids and smoking copious amounts of marijuana, his issues are fixable. The base intention is nothing more than competitiveness and a desire to win games. This is a far cry from criminal behavior. I like Wes as a player, especially when he is not in the middle of one of his 5-game vanishing acts, but Cousins is the better and more impactful basketball player and it is not even close. I have a feeling it will stay that way.

4. As the Wolves fight for that elusive 20-win total, facing a poor draft, a lockout, another year of no Rubio, and many other dire implications, what does this team need to do moving forward to get back into the mix? Think realistic, because cleaning house might not be what happens. In fact, when reading Phil Jacksons quote above, it is difficult for me to not feel for Rhombus a little bit here. Then he goes out and defends his former team and all sympathy is lost.

5. Lastly, if rumors of the Kings moving to Anaheim are true, what does this do for Los Angeles basketball? 3 teams in one metro area? Pretty hefty 


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