Last Call for Wolves Coaches

Per Jerry Zgoda the Wolves talked to Sam Mitchell on Monday and today's interview of Larry Brown will be the end of the road. 

At this point it seems likes ages ago that the first round of interviews happened but here is the list of names supposedly in the mix:

Larry Brown

Sam Mitchell

Rick Adelman (though it seems like he's removed himself)

Mike Woodson

Terry Porter

Bernie Bickerstaff

Don Nelson

The Vegas odds on Kahn and Taylor finishing interviews and making a decisive decision on who the next coach will be are 300-1 right now. If you want to give them money take that action.

Lynx Addendum:

Box Score

The Lynx's 9 game win streak ended last night. It was a close game to the end but the Lynx couldn't get a bucket to fall in the last minute.  The bench (i.e. Wiggins) had a grand total of ZERO points for the game. Weak. Maya Moore and Augustus where fantasic. Given that it wasn't on TV that is about all I can extrapolate from the box score. 

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